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Monday, July 18, 2011

Has it really been over week, feel like a lot less time

I was poking around the blog for a minute, and I learned a number of things. Some things disturbing, somethings not. There was one person who found my blog by searching for "did paul young die desperate housewives" I don't really know what to make of that. There was one who found it by searching for "julie and julia netflix" and apparently a lot of people found it from searching Reynolds Katsura. Are you one of those people? One of the most shocking things is that I have only done thirty-four posts this year. I really don't deserve all the hits that I've gotten. I most fix this.

(By the way, while I'm thinking about it, is .ru what you put at the end of a Russian web site. Like Canada is .ca and the UK is .uk)

But I am proud to admit that no one found me by searching for Body of Proof, and it took admirable self-restraint to keep from yammering on and on about that one.

But no one has found this blog by searching for "finished sweater" either. To help remedy that here are some shots of the sweater that I finished last weekend. I kept putting it off and off, until it was a week since I had promised to share pic. Naughty, Naughty blogger. (I really just did that for the hits, you have your entertainment, I have mine)

Sorry for the bad photo. I'm not very good at this, and I figure that trying to get a good picture of this sweater is like trying to get a good one of bigfoot. The day I took this picture was really hot, and I was not in the mood to wonder around wearing a mohair sweater

The yarn is Reynolds Kitten, another long discontinued brand. This was gift from a knitter who has yarn in her stash that is older than I am. This yarn is probably one of those. The acrylic mohair combo was not the most fun to knit with, but I do like the effect of it. In real life it is a lot more fuzzy, almost annoyingly so.

The pattern was the Perfect Sweater from the side bar at Mason-Dixon Knitting (link on the right) This is the second time that I've knit this pattern, and most likely not the last.

Here's a close up of the V-neck. I can't get over how less fuzzy this thing is on camera. Just like when it's underwater. Yes, I need to shave in this picture. Leave me alone, I'm just not into appearances like the rest of the vain vain world.

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