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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've got a fever

And that fever is not because it is hotter than hell here. It is a knitting fever and the only cure is more socks. Here's a little picture of what I've done in my free time for the past few days. All the other WIPs were cast to the wind, and I'm pretty sure the Jet Stream has left them around Iceland by now. Let me pull out the little camera that could and snap a few pictures of them.  (What it could do I don't know. I am lucky if it gets pictures, let alone good ones.)

Here's a few shots of some socks that I finished a little while ago, maybe two or three days.

All that yoga is starting to pay off. A little secret to make yourself more bendy, do it in the bathtub. Make sure you have those non-slip daisies.

Ignore the messy backround. This is the room where homeless furniture goes.
If I were doing the sock of the month club these would be June's socks.Yes, June's, but I'm not doing the sock of the month club, so it doesn't matter. I just happen to be knitting a pair a month. It's all an illusion.

The blue is an unknown fiber, as is the white. Blame Goodwill, and blame me for being to cheap to buy my yarn new. These are going to be a Christmas present (maybe, I'll get to that later) and when I give a present that is hand knitted, I am weird about making it as cheap as possible. I think that blue has at least 50% wool, just because it feels like it does.

These were knit from the toe-up, which I really want to like, but I just can't wrap my head around it. I love the way that you can use all the yarn (which I didn't do, I thought I was running out, hence the white) I love the way that you just have to cast on for the toe, instead of all the way around the ankle. I like the way that you can try it on as a mitten if you want to (I did it less this time than the last). But it just seems like it is missing something. I don't know what, but I am beginning to realize that I am a weired person who likes weird things.

The thing is through that I am beginning to think that these might be a little Mid-Century-Modern for the intended recipient. I thought that I could put these up until the holidays, and if I have time make him a different pair in plain black and I could just wear these for myself, after the holidays of course. I asked him once and he said that he would wear them, but I have my doubts (for instance these aren't machine washable). Does anyone who knows my father have an opinion on this (you know who you are)?

I hope it rains tomorrow morning. I can get up early, there will be baked goods (I will have to make them appear, so that part might not happen) there will be overly sweetened coffee (I know I will make that be there) I will be in cozy jamies, and I will have a mountain of editing to tackle. Have I mentioned how much I loathe editing. There will either be a lot of editing or knit-blog reading. I hope editing.

Unless it doesn't rain. Then I'll just zonk out in front to the TV like most people do on Sunday morning. If that happens I could get a lot more done on this sock.

Ugh! What a crappy photo. Ignore the bottle of ink the backround.
These are the Dublin Bay Socks that are slowly getting done. More on them later, I really have to go. (Editing Grrr!!!)

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