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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A letter of Pictures

I had a really great day yesterday. Have you ever had one of those days where you just don't want it to end? While I spend a large part of the day cleaning, it was all happy cleaning. It wasn't the kind that you feel forced to do. I didn't get to everything that I wanted to get to, but I did perform all the necessary maintenance that was needed on the house, which I am afraid to admit has been neglected for the past few days.

I washed the sheets yesterday, a act that always makes me feel like a saint. A real saint would probably not care about whether or not their sheets were clean, they would be to busy achieving greater spiritual purity. I would simply tell them to enjoy their bread and water, and to not drool to much over my stuffed peppers. (Freezer brand, but still yummy.)

Here's a few shots from yesterday. I had a fresh pack of batteries, and the urge to share EVERYTHING. I hung my sheets out to dry, only after they were dry, I keep forgetting that I have a clothes line. So I really was just sunning them.

 Pretty Huh? I felt like I was on the prairie hanging my sheets up on the line. Some of you my wonder why the clothes line is over the garden. This is because the line is supposed to be somehow used to stake up the tomatoes. I'll let you know when it works.
Suffice to say that the second after I took the picture that I stuffed all of these into my mouth at the same time. It was like a mouthful of red. A mouthful of red and of seeds.

But there were a lot of berries, these six, and the other million I ate made hardly a dent in all the berries.

And this was after I ate them for lunch. Them and cucumber. Have I mentioned that I LURVE cucumber. And from the looks of it I will have a lot more lunches similar to this.

All those little yellow flowers . . .

And while I have the pictures on the computer, here are a few shots of some knitting. Here is a sock that I am working up, a little Christmas present for my father. I am a planner, either mock me, or fear me.

Here is a pretty good picture of the color, and here is a picture of the ribbing.

My ribbing is a lot less wonky in real life. It almost resembles, good knitting.

 The little sweater I'm working on. Really finely knit, but I'm enjoying it. V-neck, cardigan, and taking forever. This has taken about a month, and it's the first piece. Granted there were a few places where I had to frog, and I wasn't exactly monotonous with it, but it is still taking a while.
But, I did finish something else up this weekend. A little sweater that makes me yearn for fall. I still have a few ends to weave in, and I'll show it to you after I finish that, probably tomorrow. 

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  1. That piece only took you a month? I know I'm a slow knitter and you're super fast buuuut... damn.