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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello!! Have a good feeling!

Just in the mood to stop by and say hey. Such a good feeling, not blogging because I feel like I should, or because someone coughabbycough told me that I have to, otherwise she will not speak to me. Really good feelings.

Today was mostly a day of good feelings. There were a few low points, but that happens any day. And something good came out of those low points, so in the end it's all worth it. I worked, I wrote, I took some time for myself, took a long bath, and had a great dinner. ( A store bought sub and REAL corn on the cob. Have I mentioned how much I love corn on the cob. It's like, we've got a great food, lets make it better by putting it on a freaking cob!) Today was pretty much a day where I broke even. And that's all that I can really hope for. I think that would be great title for a sitcom, don't you think so: Breaking Even. I think it should be about a couple who want to have children, but are having problems doing so, and neither one of them makes a lot of money. Sorry for rambling, it tends to happen to me.

Almost started something new today, but I held off. I don't know why, but I'm a little glad I did. I kind of want to finish up a few things first. You know how it is. I still need to knit the crap out of July's socks (I'm not doing sock of the month, I swear it) And I want to finish Wendy's mystery summer shawelette. I figure that even thought the mystery has gone, it would be a good idea to finish it while it is still summer. It would be be unsports man like to do otherwise. This will be done soon. I can feel the rows getting shorter.

Do you like the blogs new look? The old one was kind of a little to cozy for summer I thought. This seems so much more breezy. A little late, but I am still knitting the mystery shawl. I started the rest of it with ya'll, that's all that counts.

Good night,
Sleep tight,
Be sure to knit a little tonight.


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