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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Socks and Supersition (Good title Eh?)

I am a suspicious person. I am also a superstitious person. It has been years since I've used salt without giving it a little toss over my left shoulder. But I don't use that one a lot, mostly because I hate food that is to salty.

I also think that it is bad mojo for one sock to be shown on the blog. One finished sock. I can show you it almost finished (if I had thought to take a picture of it) and I can show you the next one having began, but under no circumstances can I show you just the one sock. I'm almost done with July's sock of the month (I'm a mess, mock me at will) I'm really less than a sock behind. I need to get working on this, but the sock is at a point where it requires me to count. Maybe sometime today I'll work up the courage to attempt to not screw it up hugely, but we'll just have to wait and see.

This is going to sound a little odd, and people are likely to smack me for saying this, but am I the only one who's tired of summer? I personally am more than ready for a nice cool autumn (hopefully I can walk in it this year) I am so in the mood to throw on some jeans (I miss jeans) and a beautiful cardigan and scuffle through the leaves piled on the edge of the sidewalk. I want to see the brilliant colors of the autumn leaves and feel the crispness in the air. I also want to see how long I can go without turning the furnace on (I hope for Halloween, but no body else thinks that this is a good idea, sigh . . .) Just a few more months and it'll be sweater weather again

And please, for the love of wool, don't tell me I said this come February, by the time that rolls around I'll be one skein of sock yarn away from losing it.

Also, I don't trust Blogger's spell check, I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar errors. I'm editing the first book right now and if I have to fix yet another comma splice people are going to have to start refering to my house as the place where that crazy knitter who never shuts up about writing lives (more than they usually do).

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