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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, Lookie here!!

I know some thing you don't know.

No, I really do; honest!

I bet your dying to know aren't you, well, I guess that I'll tell you. I finished something. Something big! I hear by announce that the Bohemian Cardi is finished.

This was a little irregular sweater that I dreamed up as a way to use this really yummy yarn that I got at Goodwill a little while ago. The yarn is Reynold Kasura, and while I loved knitting with it when I first started, by the time that I got to the sleeves, I was more than done. The other yarn that I was using was not at all bothering me (well, the yarn was Red Heart Super Saver, so it wasn't annoying me more than usual) so I must not have been bored with the project, but just one of the yarns.

But all yarns aside, I really loved this knit. It was relatively quick to knit, though you wouldn't have guessed that to watch me knit it. I put beads all over it, whenever I wanted, and the result of that helped to back up that bohemian feel that it has to it.

And I made the pattern up myself too. That was the first time that I had ever done that. It had raglan sleeves, not because I prefer them, but because they are easier to design for. I gave it a jewel neck color, because I feel that that neck goes best with cardigans. I made a mistake with the button holes, and ended up having to put them on both side, and I will just sew up the holes on the wrong side whenever I buy buttons for it.

Pictures soon! As soon as I get a USB cord, whenever that may be. (I swear, when I do get this cord, I will end up taking so many pictures)

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