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Monday, March 28, 2011

Did you here it?

Well, around one p.m. you may have heard a faint shrieking sound coming from the direction of Ohio. I apologize if that affected your day, and/or your hearing.

I wasn't really that upset, it is only yarn after all, and I was only half heartedly attempting this whole dying thing anyways. I got the yarn washed and in the end that was all that I really needed to do. I could have lived with the original color of the yarn. (which is also the dyed color of the yarn) I wanted something a little darker, and a little thicker, but I wasn't able to get it. Oh well, this will be a Zimmermann Sweater, and I could easily modify the gauge and number of stitches to cast on. (Oh. thank you knitting goddess, a.k.a Elizabeth Zimmermann.) I still have the thrifty feeling that comes with unraveling anything at all, and at the end of the day, that thrifty feeling will keep me warmer than any sweater ever could. (Ask me again when I am in the middle of a blizzard, trying to stay warm with that thrifty feeling. Better yet, take me inside, and don't ask me any questions, that could result in my getting rather violent.)

Speaking of Thrifty, I have been extremely Thrifty here lately. (note the capital T in Thrifty) Thrifty like I went down to a Free Store, (A charity where you can take a certain amount of items per week without any charge) where I used to volunteer, and got four sweaters to unravel for the yarn. Well, I got four, but I will only take three out. I put one of them on and found out that I LOVE it, so that one will stay until I get the frugal feeling again. I took one out, and I've yet to start on the other two. I'm winding up the one that I already took out, that's about half done. I think that I will try steaming this yarn instead of washing it. Washing is a kind of drawn out process, and I've never tried steaming. I think that I'll just hang this yarn up in the bathroom while I shower. (There is something new, showering with yarn, it was bound to happen to me one of these days.)

Yesterday, I had a cat get stuck behind our TV stand. He was stuck back there for about two hours. I ended up pulling him out from behind there by the scruff of his neck. That was only after trying to coax him out, on and off, for several hours.  Does Anybody have any good ways to keep a cat out of places where he shouldn't be. . .


  1. Showering with yarn... that's um, new! :)

  2. Oh Garret! Coffee only dyes a yellow... not a very good to darken something :(