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Friday, March 18, 2011

A whole bunch of stuff

Before I get started with the post of the week (I swear I always plan to have more than one post a week, but I for some odd reason always end up posting on the weekend, probably because I'm not with real friends, so I'll just be with the virtual ones, you guys are better, you actually read this blog) I just wanted to let you know that the Red Hots from the last post, they have meet their untimely end. No, I didn't eat all of them (my dearest wish in all the universe) But about ten minutes, after I had posted here, I grabbed the jar off of the end table, popped a few of the heavenly red orbs into my mouth. When I went to put the jar on the end table I missed the table, and the Red Hots went ALL OVER the floor. I mean that they went out of the jar in all directions, it took a good twenty minutes clean them up, and I'm still finding them all over the house. I wasn't too upset, I probably would have ended up in a sugar coma had I ate all of the Red Hots. When I first saw what I had done, I burst out laughing, and every time that I would find a Red Hot in my knitting bag, I would peal over laughing so hard. I must have looked like some sort of freak, sitting all alone, in the quiet living room, clutching a Red Hot and just giggling myself silly.

Now what was I going to say? I really don't remember. Okay, I'll just go with the flow, and see where it takes me.

I have a question for any writers out there. Do you like to write evil characters more than nice ones?

 I personally love a purely evil character, I think that they are just so easy to write. You can make them do anything, and they don't always have to be so ever loving perfect. (Well, none of my characters are perfect, I hate perfect characters) They are unpredictable, and unstable, and you can make them really sexy, with devilishly good looks.

And there are so many different words to describe a self-centered person in the English language. I mean there is a lot. You have vain, egotistic, narcissistic, shallow, arrogant, pompous, self absorbed, self-serving, selfish, self-loving, conceited, boastful, proud, and haughty just to name a few. There are so many different words that all mean the same thing.

I almost can't wait until it's time to introduce a narcissistic character into my novel again. The only drawback to that is I have kill off a character that I really don't want to. I love that character, I don't want him to die, and I really don't want to replace him with a total self-absorbed character like I have to. But if I don't that, then I won't have all of the characters in the right place for the big climax. But I'm trying to look forward to writing about the complete jerk, but that will not make up for having to kill off the other character.

Maybe I just need to get out a little more, maybe I should be doing something else on a Friday night, maybe I shouldn't care so much about a fictitious character. Maybe I should go and work on that novel . . . Nah.

Had a busy week this week, in addition to a whole bunch of academic stuff that I had to do, I got the brace for my other foot, and I also started Physical Therapy. All of that put together, plus all of the writing work, and my usual work, made me a very tired person, and a very busy one. I love being busy, I just hate how little free time it leaves me with.

Why do people find massages relaxing? That bothers me. I mean, whatever works for you, but I just do not get what the appeal is. When I go to PT, I have to get one on the back of both my legs. (Yes, I HAVE to, I asked the Physical Therapist, and he said that it was necessary, he also said that he would be tender on them, I'll believe that when I see it)

Someday I may be able to put all my weight on my right leg . . . Or at least that's what the Therapist said, I don't know is I believe him . .

Off to go stretch, or read blogs. . . Ah, the choices. . .

( ETA: I made the blog red, in the spirt of the Red Hots. I think that it looks classier, I'm not saying that I'll keep it like this, but life's to short not to change things up a little)

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  1. I had a massage the other day and I chose the kind that hurt, thinking it would be the most helpful. But it just hurt.