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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boring or Simple?

I am sitting in my living room on a Saturday night. I am alone, not even a cat is here to keep me company. Neither the TV or the radio is on. Aside from the wind hitting the siding, and my typing, It is completely and utterly silent. It is a quarter to nine. I have been writing for an hour, and will probably pass at least the next hour doing so. (or I may break out the fortune cards, you never know what the future will hold) (Oh, wait, I could know what the future holds, what are the cards for) (On second though the cards are too much work, I will eat a fortune cookie, they are easier to use, and they always give nice fortunes) (Am I the only one who loves parentheses this much? They're like the writers form of the side bar)

I am eating Red Hot candies by the pound. Every year we by a bag of Red Hots that we use to make Christmas cookies, (Good ones too, they take frosted flakes, and yes, I will quite abusing parentheses) and every year we throw out at least half a bag out in June. This year it will be different, I will not let a single one go to waste. Please be kind and over look the fact that it is March and I am still eating away at them, slow and steady wins the race.

And I ask you, Is it pathetic the way that I am spending my Saturday night?  That I am sitting here typing, and eating my own body weight in Red Hots while everyone else my age goes out and has fun. Even the Dungeons and Dragons kids get to leave their house.

The thing is though, while I feel that I should feel sad and lonely, I don't. I feel perfectly happy and content. I could not possibly think of any better way to spend the night. (I could think of a few, but I'm not putting that smut on my blog) Really, The only times that I feel lonely is in a roomful of people. Odd, isn't it. That I could feel lonely in a room full of people, usually those people are talking about principle that I don't agree with, or topics about which I have no interest.

Either way, I don't feel sad or depressed at all, I am happy, perfectly happy, and I will no go to enjoy the silence  that is so precious to me. That, or I'll watch some TV.  I'll fun any way though.


  1. I totally understand loving your own company, and being content enough in your own skin and with your own life to be happy to have a quiet Saturday night. I love it too - a British drama on the tele, and my knitting - bliss!

    PS, too bad we don't live closer - I use pretty much *only* the long-tail cast-on. It was the only one I could get the hang of when I first learned to knit. Perhaps try YouTube for a tutorial?