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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Which housewife is the most desperate?

(If you have a life and don't really care about Desperate Housewives, please feel free to skip to the bottom for knitting content, how ever little it may be)

Some readers will recall that I have a nasty terrible insane growing addiction to Desperate Housewives. I can't explain it, I just do. In my defense, the day that I started watching it, the remote was broken, and that was D.C. (during casts) so I couldn't really get to the T.V. to change the channel, and it really is addictive.

The episode tonight was nothing out of the ordinary, just your usual lies, men, and creepy narration. Susan did collapse, and while that was not too shocking at the time, It may prove to play as a major plot point in the next few weeks.

Apparently, another house wife is going to commit suicide. So naturally, the only thing that I have on my mind is who will it be? Who? Who? Who? This whole not knowing thing is just eating at me. I know, I should grow up and get a life, and stop watching so much T.V. but I don't want to. I just have to know.

Now in my head, I have narrowed out Gabi, Renee`, and Lynette (Why couldn't they have given any of them a normal name) for the reason that they have no motive. This could change after next week's episode, but I am still sticking with my guts. But Susan, Brie and that woman that's married to Paul, I think her name is Beth, but I'm not quite sure, they defiantly have reason to kill themselves. Plus the kitchen in the commercial looked like theirs'.

Susan is on dialysis, and it might not be working, as shown by her collapse, and that might be why she would kill herself; not wanting to wait for death and all that. Brie's boyfriend did just leave her, and she is a bit of a mess anyway. And Beth was just kicked out of her husbands house, that is enough to make anyone think about suicide, as Mary Alice said, "She had know where to go."

Do you want to bet on how much sleep I'll be getting in the next two weeks. I would say about three hours a night. Do I need to get out more? Yes. Am I starting to loses it? I never really had it. Do I care about any of this? Not at all.

Knitting Content Here!!!

Some thing finished here.

No, over here, behind the chair, in the corner.

The pair of socks from yesterday are Done. (Note the capital D) Not much really to tell you about, I think that you can scroll down and see read all about them in the last post. I really want to get that USB cable, one day here real soon. Whether I will or not, remains to be scene.

Sorry about the small amount of knitting content, but this is only a knitting blog, what do you expect, Knitting?


  1. Yay for a finished pair of socks! And although I'm not a Housewives fan, as you know I'm obsessed with The Cape so am happy to listen to fellow TV fanatics! :)

  2. Ha ha I read the whole thing even though I don't care one bit about Housewives. I am also more of a cape fan (although I like Sanctuary better) but your knitting seems to be coming along great! Internet high five!