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Monday, March 7, 2011

I was right! Sort of

(Again, my apologies to those of you who don't care about Desperate Housewives. Move along now, there is no light of knitting content at the end of this tunnel)

I was kind of right, sort of. I guessed about my three most likely candidates for who would kill themselves. I said that it would either be Brie, Susan, or Beth. Brie because her boyfriend just left her to be with his son in Florida. Susan because she was dying, (not any more, she found two kidney donors) Or Beth because her husband left her. (Ordinarily, I would go into some long and painful rant about how we are teaching young children that with out anyone loving them that they are worthless, but I am already caught up in one long winded speech here)

Through out the whole episode I swayed about which one it would be. There was a minute where I thought it was Lynette (No! Take any one but Lynette) and there was even one minute where I thought it was Renee`. (Don't take Renee` either) But the one constant was Beth. There was always the possibility that it would be Beth. And When Brie told her that she was going to be Susan's donor, not Beth, well, I knew it exactly who it would be.

Beth had to have something to live for, even if she had to die for it.

And we all do take comfort in things, some of us like big things, some of us like small things. Some people take more pleasure in family, others prefer their friends.Some have their faith, and others, have their passions. It could be the love of another, or a fulfilling career. Everyone has something to live for.

(I was trying to be really morbid in the previous paragraph, was I?)

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