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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mitten Weekend

This weekend was defiantly a weekend for mitten knitting, and defiantly on for finishing afore mentioned mitten knitting

First finished mitten was yet another Fair Isle one, and a Norwegain one at that. I think that I'm begining to develop a bad adiction to these. I just always need to have one on the needles, and jsut do a few rows every now and then, you know, whenever I have a bad day, or just need to take the edge off. I don't think that I have ever made any that arn't Norwegain. Part of it might be that I only own one book on them. This lovley book is where all of my mitten addiction comes from. I made the mitten day mittens from it (again) and I still love the pattern. This time though, I adapted it a little. I made them with garter stitch cuffs, in pink and white, and this little technique that I just kind of made up. I call it sandwiched I-cord. It it kind of like applied I-cord and  I-cord border in one. Not that hard at all, sort of looks like a Latavian braid, let me know if you want to know more about this.  Oh, and I also made them with striped palms, I bear an odd love of striped palms. (was that the right bear there, I can never remember whether I should use bear, or bare, because niether one makes any sense)

The next one was thrummed mittens, and I feel even more in love with every time I see the inside of them. For those of you who live normal lives and have fulfilling lives lack in the knowledge of the thrum I direct you here. But I don't advise clicking on that unless you want to lose vast amounts of time to the ways of the thrum.

For those amoung you who don't like links, I will give you the short version of it here. A Thrummed mitten is just a regular mitten that has roving worked into it periodically, to make it super duper warm. I do believe that the technique is of Newfoundland decent. I loved making them, and my mittens were in black with brown roving.

(I have located my camera, but not the USB cord, I will buy one as soon as possible, but that probably won't be very soon)

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