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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A front

A front is all that I have done so far on the self-designed bohemian cardi (The sweater form the last post with the Reynolds Katsura, and the yarn that shall not be named, other wise I would be mocked through out the rest of the knit blog community, that is if they don't shun me for even suggesting the very idea of it) I started the other front, but I had to temporarily let my enthusiasm wane for this project for one reason.

The one reason is that I have now become known as the knitter who will knit any thing that you ask him to, without complaining (I usually stay up at night and complain when I;m trying to sleep, do people really think that I'm not that whiney?)It started out small at first, just a few people asking me to make them a dishcloth, or some off subject comment about how they need some new mittens to match their new coat. I am normally glad about this small stuff, it allows me to not feel selfish with my knitting while at the same time I am doing them a service, not to mention how I am getting yarn out of this house because as I use up the stash, the yarn soring areas are getting smaller, where as the hand knits storage area is growing at an alarming rate. I knit the few items for the and I do it with a kind heart. But unfortunately, this plan back fires, not so much at first, but it takes months, years even, before people start to take advantage. It is so easy to say "Oh, would you make me one of those." And of course, because this is me, and I can't say no to a single soul, I say

"Oh, yes of course, I have some purple wool that would make an excellent . . ."

Then I make my cousin a nice fancy . . . and she wears it pretty often, not as often as she should, but still pretty often then other people want a . . . just like hers. I say sure, then immediately want to dig a whole in the ground and bury myself alive in it. So, the next time I see that person they ask me,  "Did you finish my . . . " Then I am forced to lie, and I tell them that I forgot about it. We repeat this whole shpeal, until I end up knitting nothing but . . . for a month because I finish one for that person, then three people want me to make them one. So, I do this, then try to give it to them in secret, but word always gets out about how I will make anything, and how I make them so fast (All lies I tell you) and it doesn't cost me a cent. (I swear, do these people think that yarn just comes out my nose as I knit it)

I can usually avoid being detected as that knitter, buy just not knitting in front of a whole lot of people, so as a result of this policy, I don't see that many non-knitters. (just family, but that isn't saying much, I have a pretty big family)

I can also avoid this by making the intended recipient wait a while for their gift. But this usually doesn't work is I see that person every day. They tend to ask if I'm working on . . . yet. If I have to tell then no, then I usually tell them I'm picking out the yarn, and this could buy me a couple of weeks.

Where was I going with this? Oh, right why the bohemian cardi is still on the front. Well, my grandmother wanted a hat, and me being "The Knitter" had to make her one. So, like the good grandson I am, I knit her a hat. (It was a cabled one, if you're going to do it, then you might as well go whole hog, I even learned to cable without a cable needle) And I am now willing to put that one behind me, it was a  nice little white hat and its done, 24 hours. Bing Bang Boom, Done!

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