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Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, I tried

All righty I have not been doing to well on a certain resolution. Any guesses (Remember, this is me, the one who knits while he does anything, I'm surprised that I'm not knitting while I type this blog entry up. Oh, I just tired, I don't recommend it, I used backspace more than the actual letter keys)

The one about keeping only a few WIPs. Now I would like to apologize right here, for any upset that this may or may not be causing you. I have thought it through, and I would much rather be defeated by a resolution, than knit on only a few things. I love knitting way too much to do that, but the year 2011, I'm not impressed yet, maybe if the year improves, I will try harder to keep my resolution, but don't hold your breath. Besides, what am I to do if a project misbehaves and I need to punish it for an undetermined amount of time. A lot of my stuff misbehaves, I blame the cats.

But the least I can do with all of my various handknit objects is be neat with their storage. Right? After all the best fate for knitting besides being finished is to be kept neat. So I took a while and now all of the half finished "stuff" is now comfortably nestled in baskets and bags, resting in various places in this house.

I am trying to work on it every thing a little bit here and there, but maybe form here on out I will just knit what appeals to my taste, not to everybody else's tastes. This means that I will now be able to abandon the small bag that will hopefully be a large bag one day, and go knit something fun, really, really fun. Which lets be honest, the something fun, chances are that it is something for me. I'm a selfish knitter, only me knows how much hard work was put into that object, let everyone else learn how to knit their own mittens, what I knit is for me!!

 Also, as as aside I now that if I get less than seven hours of sleep,and get up really early (for me at least) that I can function well enough to do a little writing, without any coffee. I don't know how I did this, or if I ever want to repeat it, I'm just glad to know that if the world was struck by some virus that rendered all caffeine bearing plants dead (No, Please no) I might be able to function. I am a mighty force to be feared.

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  1. Hi Garret, Just found your site and have been reading some back blogs....hope you are more mobile soon.
    When you get a part time job you will be able to "collect" some beautiful yarn, it is so good to be able to buy up the really good stuff when it is discounted.I have just bought 8 balls of wool and Alpaca mix for $1 each (they were $8)BARGAIN
    I have already made a 2rib beanie for my son in Kabul.It was pretty quick knitting and so warm.

    Don't speak about dead coffee plants !!!! I am a coffee nerd (I grind my own beans) AND buy my beans from a local cafe that roasts them fresh every morning, the smell of the big roasting machine in action is unbelievable !