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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm just tiered in more way then one. Way number one that I'm tiered: Well, this should be the obvious one. Everyone in this house keeps different schedules, this usually only bothers me when I think about it. My father is on third shift, and usually leaves for work around eleven thirty.  This would not be a problem, if we had more than one bathroom. But we don't, and anytime anyone has to use the bathroom, they have to go through my bedroom. Again, something that only bothers me when I think about it. Well, I usually get up around six-thirty to seven. I need to have a few minutes after my father leaves to, I don't know, calm down. But, the way that people go in and out of my room before they go to bed, usually leaves it closer to midnight by the time I am ready to turn in for the night. That is so not enough sleep, for me at least, so I now rant about this to everyone at any chance I can get, mostly because I'm tired.

I am also sick of what I'm knitting, I like to flirt and flutter between all of the usual projects, but that is of no avail when you are sick of all of them. This bugs me more than the whole lack of sufficient sleep thing, because knitting is supposed to be fun, right? This is my lifestyle Hobby and it is what I do when everyone bothers me to the point where I want to kill all of them.* Not to mention, the sleep thing is really out of my hands, (okay, I could not get up so early, but that also means that I don't get as much done, and I like to get the first cup of coffee out of the pot, its the strongest) but with knitting, I could easily fix this by just starting something knew, but the thing is, I don't want to get too many projects on the needles, but at this point, I'm just about ready to say screw it, and knit what I want, when I want.

*Please understand that I would never kill anyone. I just said that because I am strongly starting to suspect that they are starting to leave me alone, just enough so that I don't chop them into little bits, but enough so that I'm completely stark raving mad. I must investigate this further.

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  1. KNIT WHAT YOU WANT! I say go for it... tell everyone else no. I think you can do it :)