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Friday, June 3, 2011

Look at the FO's (Read about the FO's)

Here an FO*, there a FO, Everywhere an FO.

I am knitting so fast these days that my knitting was fallen behind my blogging. (That and my terrible case of startits, I am learning to move beyond it; I must say that I am failing.) I've got several FO's that I need to blog about.

I think that I have finished three things, but I only can remember two. The third might be a dishcloth or some such; nothing of any importance, believe me, you would know if I finished anything important.

1. A little pair of socks that bother me more than ants in the kitchen. They bother me so much I think about cutting them into little bits and burning them underneath a full moon while I dance naked around them in hopes of better socks. They bothered me while I was knitting them, and they also bother me now that I am done. Number One Husband Socks, I wouldn't knit them if I were you. The pattern looks great, but it took me forever to make, I started these last September, and they were done on May 21st. The only reason I remember that is because it was supposed to be Judgement Day; they now say that the world will end in October, funny fundamentalist Christians.

I ran out of yarn on the last toe. The socks were in a really dark Navy Blue, so I made the toe in the whitest white that I could find. Then I ripped back the other toe, and made it to match; I really like the effect of it. I love it when a mistake like that turns out to make the socks. If only it worked that way every time.

The socks sag like you wouldn't believe though. I had to wear my braces just to keep them from falling down. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself about the braces. I really am wearing them becuase I was a terrible person in a past life, or because I had short tendons. One of those three for sure though.

(While I was looking for the link above, I read about the problems at ravelry. I changed my password then and there. I will now spend the rest of my day changing them on all my other accounts. I first went with a password similar to my old one, but I changed it to something that is totally cool and something that I will probably never remember.)

2. This sweater got the buttons sewn on it, after only having the knitting done for a few weeks. I Hate sewing. I did it while on the phone, just so I would hate it less.

This sweater only a lot nicer, and a lot bigger, and a lot more colorful (that word needs a U) Oh, and it is now a cardigan. I do love me some Elizabeth Zimmerann, and this is based on her Seamless Yoke sweater that I could knit again and again, and yet never knit the same sweater twice.

Off to go work on some more WIP clearing, I can't wait to start something new.

*For non-knitters who have a life, The abbreviation FO means Finished Object. I save a whole twenty seconds in my day by abbreviating that. I spend longer than that typing this note. What I do to educate the ignorant!

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