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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's on my needles

It would be a lot faster to name what's not on my needles.

1.A WIP that is always within arms reach of me, especially when I am on the computer. Despite always being SO CLOSE, this sweater is far from done. I don't know what the pattern is, or what book it's from, but I do know that almost a year ago a knitting friend walked up to me with a pattern, told me that I should knit this sweater because it would look good on me. I tried it pretty soon after that, but I didn't get very far, despite the US 10's. The yarn was splitting, and I was using some pretty old Susan Bates needles that had the finish worn off of them. I ripped it out, and put the pattern away. I think I filled it under "I tell people that I'm working on it, but I'm not really" That file is filled with gifts for other people.

I was searching for a pattern that would look good with the CRAP that I am using for the . . . fifth time. I think the fifth time, I am starting to lose count, that's how many times that I have used this yarn. I bought it on sale, (ten bucks, it may be crap, but at those prices I can't resist a thing) so I have defiantly gotten my moneys worth out of it, like it or not.

It's a sweater that has graduated stripes; I mixed the gray from above with a little brown that I rescued from being crocheted into a terrible Goodwill fate. It seems to behaving, aside from the not getting done, and this is it's best look yet. I think that it just needed to be knit at a loser gauge. I might actually deem this sweater appropriate to be considered clothes.

Bad Yarn + Bad Pattern = A sweater that has a chance of becoming halfway decent. Who Knew?

2.(Dear God, we're only at two, I just wrote a novella about one sweater that isn't even half done) A Log Cabin afghan that is FAR from being done. This thing is no where near finished despite my best intentions to work on it daily. (I fall short a lot.) I plan to have nine squares with a thin border of applied I-cord. I am almost done with the second square. This thing has been on the needles for about a month. Last spring I made one that was very similar to it, but I gave it to some friends/relatives who really wanted a blanket from me,and they are some of the few people who I deem good enough to recieved a handknit of that magnitude. (They knit to.) I decided that I would then knit myself one, much later. The last time that I knit it I did so in less than a month. This time it will be WAY over a month, it's already been a month. I give it a LONG time. It's knit out of odd-ball acrylic, which means that none of the colors match, and that it will clash terribly once it is done. I say that it is part of the blankets charm. (Take that Hannah!)

3.(Seriously, three! Better go get yourself another cup of coffee; I knit a-lot, can you tell?)  The absolutely lovely Dublin Bay Socks! The lace panel is wonderful, and the plain bits make it perfect for while I'm reading, or waiting, but still interesting enough to be quiet time knitting. This will defiantly not be the last time that I use this pattern. The yarn is a Goodwill find that I paid two dollars for a fair bit of yarn. I do love me a good bargain, there will probably be enough for a little sweater after these socks.

4. Some more socks. This time they are a little bit more fancy, a pair of cabled socks that I am knitting up out of Comfort Berreco Sock Yarn. I can't remember the color way, because I tend to get kind of fidgety when I have a pile of paper on the coffee table the size of my head. I know that it is turquoise with the occasional stripe of brown or gray in it. I'm not doing the Self-impossed sock club, I just happen to be knitting a pair of socks a month, I'll tell you the sorted story of April later.

5. Just about the same this as many people are knitting. Wendy's Mystery Lace Knit a-long. I am so far behind on this thing that I might never catch up. (not really) I just need to knit the second clue, and if I fall a little bit behind, it will not be the end of the world. I am knitting it out of some recycled cotton that I think will make a great summer shawl for . . . someone that is not me. Anyone want a shawl?

6.A Baby sweater that is almost done. I literally can smell it. I just need to knit the edging on the sleeve, and weave in the ends. I'm worried about this sweater though. I think that with the red and white yarn that it might look a little to Santa-ie. That is why I'm stalling on it. Of course, I knit a whole sweater, (a small one none the less)  I don't really care if the thing makes that baby look like a space alien, they are getting, and the mother better at least pretend to love it.

7. Another Baby sweater, A lovely Totem jacket that will go to another baby. It's knit out of recycled cotton. (cotton is the easiest to unravel) It only has the sleeves to go, so I need to get moving on this one. It has been on the needles way to long. and I have ripped at least each part of it once. Can you say "fussy?"

There are a few more things that I know that I will never finish. I have a sweater that only needs one sleeve, and a blanket that is half done, along with a bunch of stuff that I wished that I had never started. I am constantly thinking about new stuff to start, (but stuff that I'm not going to start until I finish something; I am learning how to live with my serial case of Startitis.) and think about what I would rather be knitting. Let people whistle for their dishcloths, I'm a knitter with a PLAN!!

The sad part is that I thought of about four more things that I want to knit while I typed this.

I'm not loyal to a project, I just like to think that I am loyal to knitting in general. Because I wouldn't have started all this stuff if I really didn't like to knit. Either that or I secretly hate knitting, and just keep thinking that a different project would make me feel any better. My money is defiantly on the last one.


  1. I love the way you recycle yarn! It's so cool!

  2. Hate to knit? HA! Yeah right. Hmmm, charm- maybe. But I don't really go for charming things... I like classy things better.