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Monday, May 9, 2011

I Won!!

You will never guess what I won (or maybe you can, it wasn't that hard)

I won a pattern collection from the Summer 2011 issue of Knitcircus!! From Wendy. Yes, Wendy Knits  Wendy.

Getting that email from her was like getting a cake (one with really fancy frosting) in my inbox.

While there are no patterns for men, there are still a lot that I would make, some great socks, and some great baby clothes. I don't know if I'll be making any soon, but when I do, I'll legally be able to show pictures of them.

Speaking of Pictures, here's one of some socks that I knit a little while ago. I didn't yak about them, because they were a gift, and I didn't want to share anything about them. The recipient reads this blog, and I knew she would give me hell (typo: heel, how ironic) if she found out about them.

The yarn was Berraco Sock, I don't know about the shade, but I do know that I lost the label. I liked this yarn knitted up a lot better than I liked it when it was on the skein. I don't know, but I thought it was to . . . dusty. But once I knit it, I felt like it just colored right up.

This was the first time that I knit a sock from the toe-up. I sort of have mixed feelings about this. I like the way that you can make the most of the yarn, and I like the way that the toe was increased (I found toe increases interesting, that just gives you a lovely window into how truly boring my life is)

I used the heel that I made up in the past. I wanted to do something similar to a short-row heel, but was to lazy to go online and look up how to make one. I just did some short-rows, and did a few decreases, and picked up a few stitches, and decreased a little more. In the end I ended up with something that was like the bastardization of a short-row heel, and a flap heel. I call it the Garret Heel.

Some one has probably come up with this before. (Maybe Cat Bordhi?) I am almost sure of it, but I still feel really clever with myself for thinking it out. I almost always use that heel now. Maybe one on these day, I will figure out how to do a short-row heel, but until then, I am quite happy with my Garret Heel.


  1. MY FEET!!! and thanks again for the socks~ Hannah

  2. Yay for the win! And such lovely socks...