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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I don't like to admit this, but I am just like all other knitters. I make mistakes, (oh, do I make mistakes) I say screw it instead of fixing those mistakes. I have a sweater sitting less than a foot from me that needs two seams, some buttons, and the ends woven in, and it will be done. That is all that it needs, and at this moment I would rather crawl down to the corner store, and crawl back with a gallon of milk in my teeth than finish this sweater. It is a beautiful sweater, and one that I would love to wear one of these days. (or maybe in like four months when it is cool enough for a wool sweater) Yet, I cannot get this computer off my lap to do so.

Now, in fairness, I spent the morning doing a lot of necessary fact checking on my novel, (I hate calling it that, but that is what it is) and fixing the story line so that way it makes a little bit of sense. But still, I couldn't spare like ten minutes to just get a little bit done on it. I keep telling myself that I will work on it tonight. That I will work on it for at least an hour, but lets be honest, I ain't working on it.

I think that I might be coming down with a case of startitis. (Quick run for your lives, you don't want startitis!!) I suddenly don't care about how many WIPs there are on the needles (more than usual) and I find myself spending large amounts of time on ravelry. I am thinking about Elizabeth Zimmermann and acrylic in the same sweater; things are not pretty.

I started a little baby sweater last night, and that seemed to help a little, but that was only counteracted by my unraveling of a failed sweater (fourth time I tried to knit that yarn into a sweater, maybe it is trying to tell me that it doesn't want to be a sweater)

I think that I may start something once I finish working for the day. Of course I still have some weeding to do, but that can wait till tomorrow. Or the day after. Or until the weekend. Or until it is so hot outside that I don't even want to walk to the car, let alone work out in the garden in the 90+ temperatures. (And I also have a lot of dishes to do, and dinner to cook, but I can worry about that later)

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