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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Self realization is indeed a startling thing

And, as I sat at my desk and began to write this, I had a little realization about myself:

If I want to blog, I have to sit down and blog. It's that simple.

I usually start off the blogging process with a little head blogging. I sit there and knit a few stitches while I think about what I'm going to write about. That usually stays in my head for about ten minutes, (if that) and then I'm off to thinking about ways to cook eggplant, or why an eggplant doesn't look like an egg, or why it's called eggplant, not aubergine. (I know my colors.) Generally, I think a lot about eggplant, more than is really healthy. (Or maybe thinking about eggplant has lead me to absorb it's nutrients through thought.)

Now, when I think about writing a little something here just to let you all know that I'm still kicking, I will simply sit down and write something. Anything. I apologize in advance.

Still working on the Tomten Jacket. I'm on the sleeves now, and we've had a few issues. I was going to to some weird thing where I knit half the sleeve from the cuff up to the cap, and then knit the cap and graft the two together.

Ha, Ha!

I'm working from the cap down to the cuff. And I'm not at all bitter about it. On the bright side I'm pretty sure that I will have enough of this recycled cotton to knit the whole sweater in one color. I ripped it out of a sweater that was just right for me, and now I'm knitting it into an oversize sweater. I guess the gauge (Tomten is knit a lot looser than the original sweater) is the difference. Still, let me know if you have any voodoo that you need me to work on any of your knitting. Happy to help!

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