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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A List

I have had a lot of stuff happen to me lately, all good, but I can't seem to string it together to make a decent blog post about it. You know how it is when you have stuff to say, but you just can't say it. That's what I got. So when in doubt, make a list!

Good Thing One: My second surgery went fine and he only had to do one. So now I have this little makeshift brace/splint thing that I keep on my leg with ace bandages. When I go back on 18th for my post operation vist I will get a real brace then (flying turtles). But now my leg is free more or less. It's kind of like its on house arrest. Having a hard cast is like prison (for your feet) and so having a soft cast is like being on house arrest, not the best you could hope for, but better than prison.

Good Thing Two: Last night some friends came over and they came bearing gifts. The good stuff too. I received some fiber from them, a hundred percent wool, some was dyed  (do you know that I almost typed died instead of dyed)some was natural. All of it was soft and will in due time (it will take a while, I spin rather slow) become a pair of socks.

Now, that wasn't all they brought me, not at all. I received a whole lot (I didn't count them, but there was a lot. more that I deserved really) of some of their Kool-Aid dyed yarn. The colors on these are truly wonderful and I can't wait to find a project worthy of them. Now here's the Biggie I got one skein of hand spun Mohair. This stuff is so soft and luxurious that I just want to eat it up. No, this will be put in a box, in a closet, and whenever I have a bad day, I will go into the closet and stroke the yarn until I feel better. I don't care whether this take one minute or one hour, that's what I'm going to do. THANKS ABBY AND HANNAH!!

Good Thing Three: Last night, I finished a blanket. Log cabin, like a million random balls of acrylic were used in the making of this thing (leaving me with only like a billion left to figure out how to use them, I think I will start insulating the walls with them) This is going into the planning a head box for next Christmas. The colors are bright and I really like this blanket. I think part of the reason I like it so  much, is because I made it fast, in like a month. I just wish that I could get more exited about it. I actually got kind of bummed out when I finished it , not that I was sad to see it go. I just felt so blah about the whole thing.

Good Thing Four: Last Night, I put a hand knit sock on my "free" foot and let me ask you, is there a prettier sight in the whole world.


  1. Such a happy, optimistic post! And such kind friends...

  2. Okay Garret now I have to spin you another hank of yarn :)