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Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I have I been up to?

Whenever I'm away for a little while, I always have the urge to title a post "Hello, Hello!" But that is one that I deal with quite frequently.

Despite the fact that it's a million degrees here, I know that Fall has come. That might have something to do with the fact that it is Labor Day weekend. Another way that I know that Fall is here is because I now have lost several hours a day, Fall tends to be a little busy for me. I have got so much editing to do that I don't know if I'm ever going to get it all done. I may just start hoping that the little fairies will come and do it all for me.

What with all this, knitting has fallen by the wayside by just a little. You know how it is when studying short fiction just has to come before finishing a few rows. I figure that since I do write a lot of fiction, mostly fiction really (oddly it seems more real to me), that I might want to know something about it.

But I have managed to get a little bit knit while I was away.

I even sewed elastic. Ignore the note,  it's hot, my plants are thirsty.

These are the Dublin Bay Socks from Mossy Cottage Knits (I'd link, but my computer won't cooperate and let me open another window. Fussy machine) (Look on the sidebar if you're interested).

I had to sew some elastic into the tops of these, as you can see. They turned out about a few million sizes too big. I knit loose and don't check my gauge (on socks).

These might look like a little something that I whipped up in a few days, but no. I've written books faster than I've knit these socks. They've been on the needles since . . . forever. I guess that forever would be about early May. They just needed a quick toe and a dose of confidence. It look herbal tea to finish them.

I've also knit a shawl for a friend (a knitty one, not a blogger) who's moving to Florida. Her going away present will be this (plus a few rows, I'm going to finish it).

It's not a shapeless bag, no matter how much it resembles one.
It's the Pie shawl from the Knitter's Almanac. (I am nothing if not consistent.) I'm making it out of some black stuff I bought at Goodwill. This stuff breaks easier than any other yarn I've ever seen. There are times where it just breaks for no reason. Maybe it resents me, being turned into a shawl, and everything that shawls represent. (It's okay when your yarn talks to you. When you answer it (out loud) that's when you may have a problem)

Here is where I was about three weeks ago. I just wanted you to see how open it was (is).

Remind me to see how many Wraps Per Inch I get with this yarn.

Well, I'm off to go over analyze poetry. Maybe some day here really soon I'll actually have a chance to write one.

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