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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's the knitting

As promised the knitting is here, and I am going to proceed to blab my little ole' gums off about it. Here is project number one:

A little pair of socks. These little beauties are destined for the long range planning box, whose range is getting smaller and smaller. Do you feel the hot sticky breath of Christmas breathing down your neck yet? If you're a knitter than you probably do. I am doing EVERYTHING to avoid "IT" this year. Last year wasn't too bad, I had a lot more free time (not being able to do any housework really frees up a lot of time). This year I don't think that I will be forced to descend into midnight knitting madness, (famous last words) Given the time I have left to knit, and the amount I have left to knit, if I work steadily at it, then I should be fine.

What was I talking about? Oh, socks. These are the Edwardian Boating Socks. Ever since I first saw them over at the Harlot's* I knew that I would be knitting several of these in the near future. Since these ones are a gift, I am going to be making some for me here pretty soon. Thank god these aren't my size, I would be keeping them.

The aerial view

The yarn is Serenity Sock Yarn . I must say that while it is rather plebeian, I really do like this stuff. (I like most yarn though.) The price is right, and so is the feel.

It's hard to get a good picture of this thing.

And because I've been reading a lot lately, I'm working on a mindless sock to churn out while I'm doing something that I have to look at.

A plain old ribbed sock. This too is going towards the long range planning box. I'm such a good person.

*I love how most knitters know what I mean when I say that. For those who don't, I mean The Yarn Harlot.

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