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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another bump in the road

Yesterday was a bumpy road. Actually for the most part it was fine, except for where I stared at my computer screen and cried because the words didn't come, but that really doesn't qualify much as an event. These days it's more like a thing I have to do during the day, like the dishes.

The only real bump in the road was what happened with July's sock of the month socks. I was knitting on them all day, really, all day. Well, not all day, but more that usual. I really wanted to hurry up and finish July's socks before July was over. That didn't work so I figured that I should some close right? August's socks are going to be small so I figured that this might be my time to finally catch up. To finally, for the first time ever, to be actually knitting the sock of the month, in the month.

I sat on my knitting and bent all four needles. I bent them back a little, but it's hard to keep and US 1 from slipping, you know? I wish I would have gotten a picture of them, I would really have to say that they were around a 60 degree angle. I tried to knit with them (just to finish the heel) but I couldn't. If you need me I'll be on my back porch whacking at knitting with hammer. That will be sure to entertain my neighbors.

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