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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I did something!!!

There has been large amouts of knitting up here. I just haven't felt much like yakking about it, i'm just kinda in a rut, try to earm a little money by sending stories and poems and stuff into magazines and after the stuff I researched i learned that writers wages haven't changed much n the past 50 years so ...

I fixed the brim on a hat I made last winter. It was some acrillic that i got at a yard sale, I thought back then that there would be enough of it to do both a hat and scarf, but when I had a to small hat and a to small scarf, so I finally bit the bullet and unraveled the scarf to fix the hat.

I did a whole other hat, This was the two color hat from Knit two together by Tracy Ullman, it was in blue and red so it looks very nice.

A dish cloth

That pair of socks that I started, Lord knows when, these were knit on size 0 needles with the yarn that is left over from the tesb that I made last January(I'm wrapped up in it right now)Well, now i am going to watch this episode of Will and Grace(it's the one they go to see the Sound of Music)and then go enjoy this lovley weather!

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