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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Tuesday

You know when you have a whole lot of yarn and you always feel like you need more. Now you know what I'm going through. Just feeling like there is never enough yarn. I want to try this blanket, the Psychedelic squares afghan from the first Mason Dixon book, but it is a queen sized blanket so naturally it take a lot of yarn, but if i used all the yarn that Kay recommends it would be cheaper to buy a blanket. I know that we don't knit to save money but I think that is taking things a little to far. I figured using the cheapest yarn at sallies that it would be about 50 bucks, which is still to much. This means i may have to break the the no cheap yarn ban, not a good thing but it is the only choice. Please share your thoughts on this.

Been wishing for something to knit, that is kind of interesting, every thing i have here is to small or to fiddly, so until i can get the yarn for the Psychedelic squares afghan(which this depends on when i get paid for a job i did last NOVEMBER, i have gone the whole winter with 20 bucks for everything, i need to get paid for that side job, my shoes are worn out i need new shoes)I started some dishcloths for mawmaws birth day next month(shh!)and maybe these will keep me un-bored till i can get the yarn.


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