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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

slowly, but not surely

I think i will be working on these projects for the rest of my life. The V-neck sweater i taking for ever. The socks are no better. The sweater is about 5 inches, a big improvement to last weeks 3 inches,at this rate i can where it to my own funeral(please tell me if i'm referencing death to much). I started the second sock, but realizing that the bamboo double-points were a little bendy i decided that i can finish the first then use the metal needles to do the second one.

On a good note i can note that i did make a log cabin rug. It was on some boucle that i picked up at a yard sale and goodwill. Knit on size 11 needles i whipped this sucker out in 2, count um' 2 days. Go me!!

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