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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Short for two reasons (kind of)

Number one: I am reading a really good book that I don't want to put down. I'm sure you know the feeling.

Number Two: I over slept, and I'm starting to finally get over that two hours I wasted on sleep. (I really only got up like one hour later than usual. I just happen to oversleep everyday and I've adjusted to it.) Suffice to say that catching up involves no yoga, and moving like I'm on coke for large portions of the day. (Where I usually bust a move to clean the house and get stuff done and then use yoga to slow down a little)

And the T on my key board is all funky today so I have to just keep tapping it until it works, I've lost a lost of time to that, and thinking up words that don't use a T.  If there are a few words that don't have a T in them when they should, that is why. I use the T a lot.

And I got a really cool and really weird letter today, and I want to write back as soon as I can. So, let's move on to the blog, and leave the excuses behind. (As far as excuses go though, I must say that they are pretty good ones)

Promised Pics! Splashy Colorful Blankets!

The ones that are already done

The one in progress

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