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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Blanket

I've found the project to resurrect (actually, I found it five days ago). I am utterly taken with it, inasmuch as I can be taken with acres of garter stitch. I love this project, and there is only one thing wrong with it . . . it will be unbelievably boring to watch me knit it. I'll show you a pick of it in a day or two, but, right now hauling out the camera and the squares seems like all to much work. (Probably because I'm just poking my head in here so I can say that I'll post at least twice a week. )

Two years ago, when I really wasn't blogging -- I had a blog, this one, I just didn't care about it, and was really almost ashamed of it. I knit a huge blanket. (Odd, knitting something and NOT talking about it!) It was many colors, loud, and was very creative. I knit it in about a month (It was before I took writing as seriously as I do now, and also before two different volunteer positions) before it was done. It took me longer to weave in the ends than it did to knit the blanket. (You'll see what I mean when I show it to you.)

Anyway, I knit the exact same blanket two years ago, and then I gave it away. I planned to give it away, and I knew that the recipients would be very happy with it, so that was all right. But, as I handed over the blanket, I swore that I would knit myself one just as much like that as I could. Most of the colors were chosen at random, so having the yarn wouldn't be a problem, I would just follow the same pattern.

The thing is, after a couple squares (there are nine) you start to get a little tired of the pattern already. You've still got tons left to knit, and by the end you feel like you're knitting wall-to-wall carpeting. The first time I knit it I'm not really sure what kept me from going nuts about it.

Then last summer I cast on for my replica. I knit about two squares and stuffed it away for months. Now it's back, and I'm going to ride this obsession till it drops dead. I hope that I'll have a blanket at that end of it, but who knows.

Now that I'm re-knitting, it, I can remember what kept me so . . . enthralled on the last one. I remember now. I challenged myself to see how fast I could knit them. How long each strip would take me. I agonized about the color choice and needles I used. (Agony is only good when it's over books and knitting.) I knit on the first blanket everywhere. In the car, outdoors, staying up late to see if I could knit three blocks in a week. This blanket was so much fun, even if I wanted to strangle by myself by the end of it. (I swear, if past Garret could hear me say that knitting that thing was fun he'd hit me so hard I couldn't remember how to knit.)

I'm thinking about moving off of blogger, and onto a more user friendly web host. Do you think that is a good idea? Of course, you probably can't tell me that unless you have a blogger account or a PhD in how computers work. I should go and do a little shopping around.

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