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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I still knit

I really do, quite a lot as a matter of fact. There are few moments were I'm not knitting, and those moments are very far between. I don't talk about my knitting that often. I don't know why, this is a knitting blog after all. But I just feel silly, talking about something that you can't see. I need to hitch a ride to radio shack, so I can get the USB cord that I need to post pictures.

So, I need to work on getting over this silly feeling. I will just tell you about my knitting, (because if I talk about what was on TV last night one more time I will become a TV blog, and I don't want to slip that far) whether you care or not.

So, The Top-Down grey raglan is on the last sleeve. At this point it is no longer a portable project. [sigh] I need a portable project, so this sweater is put on standby (like so much else) until I develop the stamina to do it.

I started a nice wrap to become my next all-purpose project. I need this wrap to be done soon, because the victim recipient's birthday was well over a month ago, and I still haven't even started it. I love feather and fan, so I am making this wrap in that stitch, and I hope that it will be done soon. The colors are tan, purple, and green, in a real soft acrylic, I think that it is Caron Simply Soft . (sorry, I couldn't find the exact colorway)

 I have got a lot of stuff on the needles, and I always do. I try not to let this sort of stuff bother me. But it does when I want to start a whole bunch of stuff. At this time, I am obsessed with Elizabeth Zimmermann. I want to make the Colored Yoke sweater, and I want to make the Totem Jacket. The Colored Yoke sweater is the one that I really want to make, but the Totem Jacket is the one that I kind of need to make. By need to make, I mean that I feel a personal responsibility to make this jacket. I know two people who are about to blow that they are so pregnant, and I need to get moving on this stuff. But, now that I have babies to knit for, I don't want to knit anything for a baby. That is the way that the cookie crumbles, I guess.

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  1. It's always a pleasure to hear about knitting...