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Saturday, January 9, 2010

He's back!!

All right here i am with my own computer again so lets take a look at the knitting that i've finished up with all my newly found free time.
The afgan is done, there i said it, this afgan, large enough for a grown man, only took about 6 weeks can you belive it, i can't.
I made a pair of mittens, they are red and acrillic and warm, i know that because i had to shovel the drive way the next day.
So i celebration of all this WIP reduction i decided i was worth a new pair of handknit socks os i started a pair of socks, they are knit on size 00 needles and are made out of a combination of linen and rayon. Wish me a look.
New books i have boughtin, i got a book called 20 Patterns for Men by Erica Knight, i like this book it has lots of classic mens desighns with some new ideas which look fabouluos.
New yarn i got at goodwill, i found two skeins of black cotton, two hanks of craft and rug which i will use to finish a rug, and some chrochet cotton that i can use for scribble lace.

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