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Thursday, January 21, 2010


So its done, its done, its done. as i speak it is wet bocking without pins. It is only now that i get an idea of why our great grandmothers all hated it when they had to go stand the sheep back up in the rain. This tesb is only 30% wool it wieghted ton when i hauled this tesb out of the tub. Why as this thing in the tub you ask? because it was the only place big enough to give it a good soak. i had to double it over in the spare room because i don't have the baseball field that is required to block that thing.

I needed some project to pick up and knit on so i decided to pick up a pair of socks that i started a few days ago. this is not the pair of socks that were knit on 00 needles and made out of flax and rayon. Theese are like good twin to thoose evil socks; they are made out of a divine combination of 50%superwash merino, 25% nylon and 25%bambooand are knit on size 2 circular needles. i don't know how much i like working on two cics better than dpns. While dpns are fiddly when you just start out they are nice when you have half a sock haning off of them. While two cics are are easier to start out with they get harder once you get miving with them the rest of the way .

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