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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Pattern

How is every one duing out there, i figured that i should post so y'all dont think that i dropped of the earth, it's been what three hours.

Todays knitting, knitting on a knitting blog who thought of that crazy idea. As of now i am cranking out an afgan. I am making the pattern up and i will post it here.

cast on a Godly amount of stitches in random Acrillic (i know thats spelled wrong, but you know what i mean the stuff you buy at Wal-mart, no sheep were shorn in the production of this yarn),on size 10 cicular needles that can fit the Godly amount of stitches, work in seed/moss/rice(e.i. they are all the same thing)stitch until it is the same lenth as your davenport/chouch/sofa what have you (mines about six feet)stripe when ever the hell you fell like it.

great pattern huh?

mines about 2 feet long

So what are my three whole fallowers(yay!)working on?


  1. heh... I am working on nothing at the moment, but hope to make some hobo gloves sometime this winter.

  2. oh oh I have a question!! (kinda snarky) will you be posting any non-free patterns?

  3. you better not charge me for a pattern! I am working on a sheep but I have not picked it up in awhile... :(